Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sketchy Thursday 6.23 - Ping-Pong

Well its Sketchy Thursday time again - here's the sketch for this week

... and here's my take on it - its really bright and cheerful. Oh, and its not bent in real life - that's just the way it's standing!

I had a great time playing this game with my daughter - so much so that I kept giggling to myself as I did the layout - no alcohol was involved! Wiff waff was the name the game was supposedly called originally much to our amusement.

Below is actual evidence that I'm managing to use buttons on layouts - I never want to use them up, just keep them. I guess it is the association of playing with my Gran's button tin when I was a child - I just want to keep them and play with them - them seem like precious treasure (even the plain ones!)

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Shimelle's weekly sketch - You

If you are here for the Counterfeit Kit blog hop please jump down to the next post - thanks!

It's time for Shimelle's weekly sketch from June 22 - hurrah! Here's the sketch.....

....... and here's my take.

This was a lovely quick page to do, and used up more old stash. This was my first attempt at paint splattering - though I managed to spill half a bottle over the original page! (note to self - no more whiskey on the cornflakes) A quick cut out of the elements and a new backing sheet later and I like it more than the original as it has a slight dimension - which is just as well! This time I used the paint before sticking it all back down - its subtle but it's there -

I'll definitely be doing this again (not the spilly bit). The big blue butterfly was cut from a gift bag and the brown circle embellishments were punched from K & Co packaging - so a really frugal LO.

Counterfeit Kit Challenge June blog hop

Hello and welcome to my little bit of the Counterfeit Kit Blog Hop for June - hopefully you have been getting lots of inspiration from the other lovely blogs along the way! If you have arrived here by other means (Flying carpet?) then hop back to the link above to see it all from the start.

So the challenge we were set was to do a project about ourselves with at least one "I" statement on it using our Counterfeit Kit and here's mine - "I want to be healthy"

This year I've been making changes to my lifestyle and this page talks about that, but most of the journaling is on the back so that it is kept private. I found it difficult to do a page about myself, but maybe next time I may even use a photo of myself!

I did a bit of distressing to shabby the page up ( a true reflection of me - some of my edges are like that!). I've used the last of the butterflies on this page, some hand cut and punched flowers and one more pin. This kit has gone a long way and I've loved making and using it.

The photo of the replacement patches may not be pretty but I went with it as it was the original one taken at the beginning of the year - so this has been a good challenge as I've been meaning to scrap that photo but couldn't decide how.

Well that's it for me and its time for you to jump over to the lovely Emily - hope you enjoy the rest of the hop!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

CKC - shape challenge - Robin

Well, over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge there was a mini challenge to use a different shape as the focus for your LO or card. I thought that I'd cut around my photo and then one thing led to another - I'm not sure that this is what they meant - but it was great fun!

I have done a LO for the blog hop so this one was to use up the last scraps. I had to use some extra paper as there wasn't enough left! It meant that I managed to use up two scraps of October Afternoon into the bargain (fanfare!).

After I had stuck everything down I remembered that I meant to ink the edges - so much peeling back of edges followed, some ink on the background paper and the odd rude word! I then decided to distress the edges (I've started so I'll finish). I used something I'd seen recommended on a blog somewhere - but unfortunately I can't remember where - a seam ripper. It worked really well - especially as the paper was glued down!

I put the journaling on the tree, then raised it up so that there is a space underneath for a second photo. I've put extra words on the back of the tag. I'd like to get more journaling on my pages, so maybe something like this is the way forward. Here's the hidden photo

 I've a few of these photos, where I don't like the background view - better photos might have to be the next thing to tackle!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Sun Shiny Day / Seaside Escape Plan

I didn't put a summer add on kit together for the June Counterfeit Kit challenge as I wasn't sure how much of the original kit I would use but I've found the kit  challenge to be fantastic inspiration and have used most of it up.  It has really helped getting my scrapping mojo back and has given me a whole list of things to do that I should've been doing instead of scrapping - but I figure that the scrapping is long overdue - I'm playing catch up on with photos from 2008 onwards!! So here's my kit

 I've taken the easy route and used four 8 x 8 papers from American Crafts and some stickers that came as part of a kit. I've added white card stock, green dot paper from Brenda Pinnick and the pink Flutter from WRMK, along with a handful or embellishments. I don't use white as a base usually, but it went with the papers so I thought that it would be good to get out of my comfort zone.
     So for my first LO I used the sketch from Page Maps given by Kim

 At first I wasn't at all sure about this LO - but as it progressed I ended up really liking it. I cut the phrases out of the paper and managed to use up some really old chipboard embellishments - yes! The title and the central photo are raised up on pop dots.

I find white space pages hard to do as I want to just keep adding to fill it up so I'm amazed that any white is visible - this was a really good sketch to stretch myself!  For the sun/sunflower I just layered up a couple of the American Crafts embellies and popped them on top of a two  fabric flowers. I bought a load of these recently from  a pound shop and took them all to bits so I could use them individually on LOs - I've ended up with so many so its good to actually use them!

For my second LO I thought that I'd play along with Sketchy Thursdays challenge - here's the sketch and my take on it

I used up old die cuts in my title and more importantly managed to tackle the backlog of photos - these are from 08! The central photo is raised up again, as are the shells cut from the paper. These are actually hiding the dodgy edges of my circle as I am not to be trusted in charge of a circle cutter - I always seem to rip the paper or not line it up.
This embroidered ship ribbon was a recent charity shop find - yards of this and other trims for 70p - a bargain but I may have to find a way of doing a complete background with it as I now have so much!
I loved using these bright papers - cheered me up as its been grey skies here!

Shimelle's weekly sketch

This week I have managed to complete Shimelle's Sketch of the Week in time to link up! So here's the sketch

Now for some reason I found this really hard to follow - I thought using a big photo would be the challenge but that was easy - what I found hard was using all the little pieces that had to be in exactly the right place! Maybe accuracy isn't my thing? I think I should've just made it more my own and mixed it up a little, anyway here's mine

I'm still using up my June kit from the Counterfeit  Kit challenge from this post so I thought this would be good to use some scraps up. It drove me crackers trying to get this page to feel right - so for some weird masochistic reason I made it into a double page spread - double the trouble! Here's the other page


I did manage to use up some of the hand made embellishments too - the turquoise flower below started life as a fleecey scarf that was unloved and going to the charity shop. But it got a second chance when I used it to make fluffy monsters with my DD ages ago (which are loved!) and a bit of the leftovers got made into this pretty flower - being fleece it was easy to cut a strip, fringe it and add it to a gluey circle. I've still got some fabric left so the afterlife of the unloved scarf will no doubt continue!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Tina Turner

I may have a new addiction to sketches!  Here's a layout using a sketch from the Build a Page series on the Prima blog - this is one from Oct 2010. I chose this one because I was a bit stuck about how to use the die cut paper so this was a good starting point. I'm still using my Counterfeit Kit from this post.  I love the expression on DD face in the second photo - absolutely typical of the many faces she uses.

I used 2 photos instead of the one large one in the sketch and am impressed that I managed to use one of the chipboard frames (yay! but in a slightly subdued, embarassed, British way).  I have loads of these and although I really like the idea of them I never seem get around to using them

The 2 yellow flowers were made with the homemade Glubers method as before, using a beaded trim sample for one and the cord handle from a gift bag for the other. One was mounted on a punched out flower and one on a doiley shape cut from the American Crafts paper.  For my butterfly I stamped with a polka dot background stamp on to cream card and vellum, cut out a butterfly shape and layered them up with pearls.

The title needed rescuing as originally I had just stuck these stickers straight on the page, but decided that they were too flat (how many times have I made this mistake? Don't ask!).  As I couldn't peel them up easily I ended up cutting out a rectangle from the background paper which then left a giant hole! After a quick cover up with a few extra strips,  I cut around the title, glittered it, and raised it up on pop dots - much more to Ms Turner's liking  I'm sure!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Sewing box

Here's a  little project that has been sitting around waiting to be done for ages. The motivation to finish it came when I recently moved my sewing machine into the spare room and I thought this would fit in nicely.

The box was bought  at a car boot sale for 50p and was full of seeds, rice and pasta (all dyed an odd green colour!) and must have been for kitchen decoration. I emptied it, cleaned it and spray painted it with an undercoat and a top coat in cream. 

Then I simply added some definitions cut from an old dictionary and sewing bits and pieces. Some were things that I kept when I cleared out my Mum's and even my Gran's old sewing boxes years ago - so there are happy memories each time I look at this . I also used some Dress It Up buttons with a sewing theme and  got to play with my new toy - a glue gun! (I really shouldn't be quite so excited about a glue gun - but I am!)

I have another larger box waiting for inspiration to strike and might grunge that one up a bit - but I like the simple, clean look of this one for this project. Now all I need it to actually hang it up which will probably take another 2 months!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Gimme some guinea love...

I just wanted to do a post about a mini (well 8 x 8) album I've just done to celebrate the arrival of our 3 guinea pigs. They were a Birthday present for our 8 y o daughter and very quickly become much loved - to my surprise as I have never been a fan of rodenty pets! So here are some of the pages with many of the photos taken by DD herself -

 The album is an American Crafts cloth one and most of the papers are WRMK whiteout collection - Explore. The papers were part of a complete bargain I bought from TKMaxx recently (a 12 x 12 ring album, a set of divided page protectors and the paper collection all for £5!! - I may have done a little jig).

Throughout this album the recurring theme turned out to be the flowers I made - on nearly all the pages is a different flower. These papers were really easy to work with - even though I probably wouldn't have picked them to buy normally, I ended up loving them. I've also fallen a little bit in love with orange which would not be my colour of choice but here I had to use it on every page!

I love the look you get when you use the positive and the negative chipboard pieces - and of course you get more for your money! I bought a huge set of these letters from QVC ages ago and have hardly used any - so it was great to use some up

As the album progressed I seemed to become unable to put down the corner rounder - it became very hard not to round every single thing! Yet another obsession! 

I also inked more and more as I went on - so the album isn't that unified as there is hardly any at the start - but I do like inking edges - it's sort of therapeutic.

I really like the end result but now I'm feeling a bit guilty about our old dog - who has been with us much longer but has no album - add that to the project list!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ad Inspiration - hopeful Jack

Well here's my take on the mini challenge #1 over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog. I loved the look of this page from issue 2 of the new Mollie Makes magazine.

I love the shape of the caravan, the bunting and all the bright colours - and the dog reminded me of ours - so I made this
I've made a curve roughly like the caravan shape and replaced the pretty fabrics with these splashy flowers. When I put my kit together I really struggled to find a big floral paper and ended up putting in this American Crafts sheet partly because I wasn't sure how to use it or even if I liked it - and I needed a push to use it.

I ended up cutting out the flowers and layering them up and adding some punched shapes too. I even managed to use a few glittery brads on this LO - bonus points for using up stash? The flowers look better than I thought but I'm not convinced they really go with the October Afternoon paper but I can live with that. The good thing about having a limited choice in a kit is that I don't fuss so much about things not being the absolute correct shade - which just got in the way of actually finishing the page!

As I didn't have any bakers twine I put some threads in the kit and here I tried to twist it around some ordinary kitchen string for a stripey effect. Ha! If one twisted up, the other one untwisted - so I'm claiming it has haphazard homemade charm! The bunting was made by folding paper over the string and stapling it with a mini stapler that I rediscovered after it had sat in a box for 20 (cough) years. The flags are on pop dots - I liked it unattached as it had movement - but it hung too weirdly, so got stuck down.
  I thought that this challenge would be quite tricksy - but it seemed to come together quickly and I really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dig - first layout with Counterfeit Kit

Well I have decided that I really like working from kits - I'm finding it much quicker with a limited amount of stash as the main inspiration - so here is my first layout with the Counterfeit Kit Challenge for June. This layout is a double first as this is the first time that I've used a sketch - I know, I know! Where have I been? Anyway I thought that  would use Shimelle's weekly sketch - but I so need to be quicker as she has posted another one today! I have discovered that I love using sketches too - who'd of thunk it? So here is the page
The flowers were made by covering a circle of card with sticky tape and the sticking down ribbon/felt in a circle in a sort of homemade version of Glubers from American crafts. The blue felt was the waste from a sheet of precut shapes so even cheaper!  The yellow flowers are just punched from a piece of card that I put through a corrugator. I rediscovered the corrugator at the back of a drawer recently and have been trying to use it for different things, especially when I noticed the cool alphas and shapes by Jillibean Soup.

I added a stick pin to my blue flower - though I must admit I find them difficult to use as I'm never quite happy with how I place them.

I've added extra labels to my kit  and I knew I would need more embellishments - this cute dinosaur was printed out onto one of the papers after downloading from the Scrappin Cop here.  I really enjoyed making this page and will definitely be using more sketches!